Domestic abuse campaign goes into extra time

Published on: Wednesday, 11-June-2014

The Safer Knowsley Partnership’s successful ‘it’s all about choices’ campaign targeting domestic abuse in Knowsley has been extended to cover the World Cup.

It is estimated that alcohol related incidents increase by a third during the World Cup, so the campaign has been extended to ensure help and support is available for victims and offenders.

The multi-agency campaign aims to raise awareness of the problem which research shows increases mainly due to the increase in alcohol consumption affecting behaviour and actions. 
Alcohol consumption does not cause abuse and violence.  It does not delete a person’s understanding of what is right or wrong, though it is often used as an excuse for the abuse and violence.  Offenders often use alcohol as part of the wider abusive behaviour.  It can affect a person’s judgement and reasoning while reducing the fear of consequences increasing risk-taking behaviour. It can cause paranoia, mood swings and depression making people more irritable, impatient and intolerant. 
Knowsley’s campaign aims to support victims of abuse, but also to work with those who carry out the abuse, to help them change their ways for good. 

Domestic abuse can take many forms, including verbal, psychological, emotional, social, financial, sexual, as well as physical.

Anyone who is experiencing domestic abuse can get in touch for help and support.  The campaign is also asking offenders, both men and women, to look at their behaviour and get in touch for help to make steps to change.

One way to do this is attendance on the InPact programme - Intervening in Partnership Abuse Change for Tomorrow. 

Sheena Ramsey, joint Chair of the Safer Knowsley Partnership, said “We want everyone to enjoy the World Cup in safety and not be manipulated or living in fear. There are no excuses – the Safer Knowsley Partnership has come together to ensure our residents have access to the advice and support available to help victims who are in abusive situations, as well as offenders who want to change their behaviour.  Our message is simply – whatever your circumstances, help really is only a phone call away.”

Call Knowsley’s Domestic Violence helpline on 0800 953 4433 for help and support.  Alternatively, for further information on the Inpact programme, call 0151 548 3333.

The Safer Knowsley Partnership consists of Knowsley Council, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Probation Trust, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Clinical Commissioning Group, Knowsley Housing Trust and Villages Housing.  They also work with other agencies including Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services.