Domestic abuse – it’s all about choices

Published on: Wednesday, 05-March-2014

‘It’s all about choices’ – that’s the message from the Safer Knowsley Partnership’s latest campaign targeting both victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse.

The message will be seen across the borough on taxis, buses and roadside adverts, as well as fire engines. 

The aim of the campaign is to encourage victims to take the first step and report it and inform perpetrators that they have a choice and they can get help to change their behavior.  Help really is only a phone call away.

Sheena Ramsey, joint Chair of the Safer Knowsley Partnership, said “Through this high profile campaign, we are helping to let both men and women know that they don’t have to accept domestic abuse – they have a choice.  Through our campaign, help and support is available for victims and they are encouraged to take the first step and report it.  Perpetrators are encouraged to seek help and support to stop the cycle of abuse.”

Domestic abuse can take many forms, including verbal, psychological, emotional, social, financial and sexual, as well as physical.

Call Knowsley’s Domestic Violence helpline on 0800 953 4433 for help and support.  Alternatively, Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services offer a range of support and programmes to help both victims and perpetrators – call 0151 548 3333.