Cooking safety advice

Published on: Thursday, 12-February-2015

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is advising that more than half of accidental fires in the home in Merseyside are started by cooking.

Many kitchen fires happen when people are not paying attention or they leave things unattended. There are several things you can do to prevent fires in the kitchen:

  • Do not cook if you have been drinking alcohol or have taken drugs or medication that may make you drowsy.
  • Do not get distracted whilst you are cooking in the kitchen.
  • Do not fill a chip pan or other deep fat fryer more than one third full of oil.
  • Under no circumstances put water on a chip pan fire as this will cause a fireball.
  • If any pan catches fire, don’t take risks, don’t tackle the fire. If safe to do so, turn off the heat, evacuate the property and phone 999.
  • Double check that the cooker is off when you have finished cooking.
  • Keep oven, hob and grill clean, as a build-up of fat can cause a fire.
  • Turn saucepans so handles do not stick out over the edge of the cooker.
  • Always supervise children and pets in the kitchen at all times.

If there is a fire – get out, stay out and phone 999.  For further advice, visit