Cold weather alert

Published on: Monday, 12-January-2015

We have received an alert from the Met Office advising to expect severe cold weather/icy conditions between 6.00pm on Monday and 7.00am on Sunday in parts of England.  This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable residents and could cause disruption to the delivery of services.

The forecast for the North West indicates there is a risk of cold conditions with occasional wintry showers.

The current cold snap can be dangerous for a number of people, including older people, babies and young children. 

Follow the tips below to ensure you stay safe during the cold weather:

  • Have plenty of hot food and drinks.
  • Wear lots of thin layers (clothes made from cotton, wool or fleecy fibres).
  • Homes should be heated to the right temperature: at least 18°C (65˚F)
  • If you can’t heat all the rooms you use, heat the living room during the day and your bedroom just before you go to bed.
  • Check on elderly and vulnerable relatives and neighbours.

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