Change4Life – Sugar Swaps

Published on: Monday, 05-January-2015

It’s surprising how much sugar there is in some of the things we give our children throughout the day, from the cereal they have for breakfast, to the snacks they have after school, the drinks they have during the day and the puddings after a meal. Many people have no idea how much sugar they and their family really consume because it’s in so many things. We could all do with cutting a little sugar out of our diets and helping our kids to do the same.

Excess sugar leads to excess calories and a build-up of fat in the body, and increases our risk of developing dangerous conditions including cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. By the time children leave primary school, one in three carries excess weight.

Public Health England launches its Change4Life campaign on 5 January designed to help parents reduce the amount of sugar their kids eat and drink during the day.

The campaign will allow you to sign up to receive practical, easy to implement hints, tips, advice and recipes to try with your family, all designed to help you reduce the amount of sugar had by the little, and not so little ones.

If you’re interested in finding out how to reduce your family’s sugar in the meantime, there’s already lots of practical information on the Change4Life website –