Brand new look for Kirkby Town Centre

Published on: Thursday, 27-February-2014

Plans have been approved to completely transform the appearance of Kirkby Town Centre, as part of the multi-million pound regeneration programme.

In a further sign of Tesco’s commitment to Kirkby, the town centre will benefit from:

·         A brand new large civic square next to the council’s new £5m Kirkby Centre;

·         New seating and lighting throughout the town centre;

·         Attractive new paving, trees and shrubbery on St Chad’s Parade;

·         Seating steps, trees and planting beds in Newtown Gardens;

·         A new semi-lawned area close to the council’s new £2.5m market; and

·         Two further unique pieces of public art.

The approved plans will create four key spaces in the town centre – civic square, St Chad’s Parade, Newtown Gardens and the market square, all linked to bring the town centre together.

The two new pieces of public art are:

·         A wishing tree. An eye-catching six metre-high iron cast of one of the oldest trees in Knowsley, which will provide an attractive meeting place in Newtown Gardens.

·         The thrones. Three large thrones in the civic square, each with giant wings, encouraging people’s imagination to ‘take flight’.

These pieces of public art complement the spectacular ‘Edward’s Elephant’, which received planning approval in July 2013.

Although it was not required to do so, the council carried out a consultation on the application and received no formal objections to the plans.

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economy and Skills, Cllr Dave Lonergan, said: “The approval of these plans by the Planning Committee is another significant step forward and further evidence of Tesco’s commitment to working with us to transform Kirkby Town Centre for the benefit of our residents.

“These plans will really improve the appearance and layout of the town centre and enhance the experience of visiting Kirkby.

“I’m thrilled to see the fantastic progress being made in the various aspects of the regeneration programme. Next week, we are opening the council’s brand new £5m Kirkby Centre to residents. In the same week, we will see the first residents move into the St Kevin’s Drive housing development.

“In addition, the finishing touches are being put to the superb new Kirkby Market and I can’t wait to see it open for business.”