Alarming results from child car seat clinic

Published on: Wednesday, 28-October-2015

In a recent car seat safety event held in Knowsley, 69% of all children’s car seats that were checked were found to be incorrectly fitted or unsuitable for the car or child.

In total 71 child car seats were checked and only 31% of seats were found to be correctly fitted. Out of the seats which were incorrectly fitted, 38% were found with minor errors and 28% were found with major errors. 3% of child car seats were found to be damaged or incompatible to the child or car.

It was also noted on the day that some children were found to be travelling on the laps of adults.

Cllr Mike Murphy, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said: “It was alarming that such a high number of the car seats checked were unsafe, however it is reassuring to know that those faults have now been corrected and those babies and young children are now protected properly.  

Clearly parents buy car seats with the best of intentions, however the public need to be aware that the risk of serious injury is just as great if the seat is not fitted correctly or if the wrong seat has been chosen for the height, weight and age of the child.

In Knowsley we are passionate about protecting the most vulnerable members of our community and reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions. In addition to these types of safety events, our Road Safety team also delivers a comprehensive programme of education and training to every school in Knowsley and is committed to child safety.”

For further information or copies of the ‘Good Egg Guide to In-car Child Safety’ please contact Knowsley’s Road Safety Team on 0151 443 2232/2030 or email

Full results:

71 car seats were checked in total

22 car seats checked were fitted correctly

49 of the car seats checked were found to be fitted incorrectly or unsuitable for the child or car

27 car seats checked were found to have minor faults

20 car seats checked were found to have major faults

2 of the car seats checked were incompatible for either the car or the child

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