Act FAST and save lives

Published on: Thursday, 05-February-2015

A new national campaign to publicise stroke symptoms is being backed by Knowsley’s Public Health team.

The Act FAST campaign raises awareness of the signs of a stroke, highlighting problems with speech and weakness in the face and arms that should prompt a call to 999.

You may have seen the FAST adverts on TV, radio and in the newspapers. 

A stroke is a ‘brain attack’ caused by a disturbance of the blood supply to the brain and needs urgent medical attention to reduce fatalities and disability resulting from a stroke.

The campaign primarily focuses on people aged 55 and over, however it is important to raise awareness across all of our communities.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley, said:

“The campaign is an effective way of helping people recognise and remember the signs of a stroke through the word FAST. Standing for Face-Arms-Speech-Time.

“It is so important we act FAST as the sooner somebody who is having a stroke gets urgent medical attention, the better chances of a good recovery.

“The same advice applies for mini-strokes as we want to prevent someone going on to have a full stroke.”

Stroke is the third main cause of death in England. In the UK someone suffers a stroke every three and a half minutes.