Let's Talk 2030

How would you like Knowsley to look by 2030?

That’s the question the council and its partners are asking you as part of their work to develop a new long-term vision for the borough.
This work will consider the type of place Knowsley could be and what it could offer the people living and working here in 2030.
To be able to do this, we need your help.

What matters to you? What could make a difference to your future?

We need to understand how the people living, working and studying in Knowsley
today, feel about the place and what their hopes for the future are.


We need people from all parts of the community – residents, businesses, young
and old - to share their views, opinions and experience of life here today. We need to
know what matters to you and what you would like to see in the future. This isn’t
just about the physical environment or facilities but other issues like education,
jobs and health.
We are now beginning a period of in-depth engagement with the community. The new long term strategy for Knowsley will be developed over the next 18 months, will launch in 2020 and run until 2030.
More information about how to get involved and help shape the future of the borough will be posted here, or you can keep updated on Twitter @knowsley2030 and regular updates will be published on www.knowsleynews.co.uk/ (search 2030).