Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme (KLAS) & Property Register

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Elizabeth Waterson
Private Sector Housing Engagement Officer
Strategic Housing
Knowsley Council
0151 443 2231
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Knowsley Council's Landlord Accreditation Scheme and Property Register for private landlords, is a voluntary scheme that benefits both landlords and tenants.

The scheme is suitable for anyone involved in letting out a property - from new landlords to established landlords. It is designed to recognise good quality and well-managed private sector accommodation in Knowsley.

Signing up to the scheme is free.

Find out more on this page about the scheme and how to apply.

What is private landlord accreditation?

The Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme is a voluntary scheme, designed to recognise private sector accommodation in Knowsley that is good quality and well-managed - as well as promoting how private rental sector housing can get even better by encouraging landlords to achieve the same standards across Knowsley.

Why not give your tenants (or potential tenants) confidence that you are publicly recognised as a responsible landlord?

The scheme is self-certification and landlords who sign up can start to access a host of benefits for all of their properties on the Property Register.

Benefits of membership to the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme

By joining the scheme, you will access a number of benefits for you and your business - completely free.

  • An easy sign-up process - the process can be done online in a matter of minutes.
  • An easy process for uploading safety certificates - simply upload your gas, electric and energy performance certificates online using the portal.
  • A formal certificate confirming accredited status to display on premises and show tenants.
  • You can use the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme (KLAS) logo as an accredited landlord, meaning you are publicly identified as a "good landlord"
  • Free advertising of your properties on the Property Pool Plus website - accessed by people looking and registering for housing.
  • The scheme is promoted across Knowsley to Knowsley residents - promoting the benefits of accredited properties and accredited landlords.
  • Access to the tenancy bond scheme.
  • Access to tenancy advice - this includes help, advice and mediation with any tenancy issues or tenancy disputes.
  • Access to help and advice with property issues.
  • Advice with accessing energy efficiency grants.
  • Invitations to landlord events.
  • Regular newsletters containing advice for landlords.
  • Manage your portfolio online using the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme online portal

Apply to join the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme

Sign up if you are a landlord

Sign up if you are a letting agent

Fill out an application form

You can also complete the Knowsley Landlord Accreditation Scheme application form and e-mail it to [email protected]

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I join the Landlord Accreditation Scheme?

Firstly, read through the Code of Property and Management Standards and Further Information then register online and create your own log in details or alternatively complete the Application Form and forward to [email protected] or post to Strategic Housing, First Floor Yorkon Building, Municipal Buildings, PO Box 21, Archway Road, Huyton, L36 9YU.

What standards does my property have to meet?

It is a landlord’s responsibility to read through the literature and ensure that the property is free from Category 1 hazards, as defined by the current Housing Standard for private let properties in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) The Code of Property Standards provides details of some of the more common hazards.

What if my property fails to meet the standards?

If you feel any of your properties fail to meet the standards, or have a query, then the Landlord Accreditation Officer is there to help and may visit the property if necessary. They may also advise you on any long term issues you may wish to address in future such as renovations and modernisation programmes. To discuss the application please contact the Housing team on 0151 443 2231.

What management standards do I have to meet?

You must agree to abide by the standards set out in the Management Code of Practice. The scheme provides updates and legislation through newsletters, forums and training events which will help you keep up to date with any legislative changes.

Do all my properties have to be accredited?

Yes; once you register you will receive a certificate to say that you are accredited and then you can upload your properties to the Property Register. Landlords self-certify their whole portfolio meets the requirements.

My property is with a letting agent, can I still be accredited?

Yes, your letting agents can accredit you on your behalf. Ask your letting agent to sign you and your property/ies up to the scheme to become an accredited landlord.

Can letting agents be accredited?

At the moment no, we accredit the landlord although letting agents can sign up their properties on the landlord’s behalf. Where landlords employ the service of agents we will communicate with the agent when necessary, however the landlord will be contacted if they no longer employ the services of the agent. They will also be sent newsletters and information regarding events such as forums and training opportunities.

How long does accreditation last for?

Once accredited, you will remain a member unless you decide to opt out. Within this period it is your responsibility to renew any certificates that have expired, such as a Landlord Gas Safety Record, or when an Electrical Installation Condition Report recommends re-examination of electrical installations.

You are also required to update your account with changes to your portfolio.

You will be asked to confirm your details are correct periodically.

How much does it cost to join the scheme?

The scheme is currently free to join.

Does my property need to be vacant before I can apply?

No as the scheme is self-certifying. Properties do not require inspection prior to joining the scheme. 

What if I am refused accreditation status or have my membership revoked?

If you fail to meet the scheme standards or have your membership suspended or revoked you will be given a full written explanation. If you disagree with the decision you will be entitled to a right of appeal. 

Aside from property and management standards are there any additional requirements of the scheme?

  • Provide an updated list of property portfolio and keep your online details up to date. 
  • 10% of all properties on the Property Register (not just your individual portfolio) will be subject an audit process on an annual basis. If one of your properties is selected you may be required to provide certificates and arrange access for an inspection.
  • Ensure all dwellings meet the requirements of the scheme at all times.

For any further help, you can call our Private Rented Sector Engagement Officer on 0151 443 2231 or e-mail [email protected]

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