Fabrication Yard Apprentice - Nationwide Fencing Services Ltd - KA 120

Company overview:

Nationwide Fencing Services, supply and install both permanent and temporary fencing systems throughout the UK, including gates, steel palisade, mesh, acoustic and various timber options. 

Key responsibilities for the role:

  • Must be able to complete an apprenticeship standard in fabrication and welding.
  • Work safely at all times complying with health and safety legislation, regulations, organisational and environmental requirements.
  • Plan and prepare for the METAL fabrication activities before commencing work.
  • Check materials conform to the specified grades, dimensions and thicknesses identified on detailed engineering drawings.
  • Use the correct methods for the moving and handling resources and materials.
  • Set up, check AND adjust the equipment for use in the safe and reliable fabrication of METAL products or components and maintaining the equipment in a reliable and safe condition throughout.
  • Involvement with warehousing, storage of the work premises.
  • Fencing component storage and repair, gates, railings temporary fencing.
  • Interpret technical drawings, patterns, templates and specifications to mark out, produce and assemble complex fabricated products to meet the required specification and quality requirements.
  • Use appropriate tools, equipment and techniques to shape and form (HOT or COLD) metal materials, demonstrating and applying knowledge of material properties and characteristics throughout.
  • Monitor resources and activities throughout the fabrication of products or components, identifying areas for improving the production process where possible.
  • Cutting, drilling, shaping and preparing METAL materials during fabrication activities using manual and power tools, thermal and laser cutting, as required calculating dimensions and tolerances using knowledge of mathematics and instruments/equipment.
  • Operate appropriate tools and equipment to join metal parts using a range of mechanical fasteners and fixing techniques required by the specifications appropriate to the fabrication activity being carried out and in accordance with approved joining procedures and quality requirements.
  • Operate thermal joining equipment to join metal parts using a range of appropriate techniques to the standards required by the specifications for the fabrication activity being carried out.
  • Inspect and test joins for security against required standard.
  • Carry out quality checks on component parts and completed assemblies.
  • Deal with problems that occur within the fabrication activity in line with responsibilities of the role.
  • Restore the work area and equipment to a safe and reliable condition on completion of the activity.
  • Complete documentation at the appropriate stages of the work activity.

Key skills to be successful in your application are:

  • Qualifications required/predicted Maths and English at grade 4/C or equivalent level 2
  • The ability to take instruction
  • Maths and English to a minimum understanding / competence / ability to be able to understand diagrams and product design drawings.
  • Enthusiasm in abundance
  • Able to work as part of a team.
  • Good timekeeper
  • Personable, responsible, proud and can demonstrate resilience

Location: Woodward Road Site 
Contracted hours: 8am - 4.30pm 
Hourly rate of pay: NMW
Closing date: 19 January, 2022

How to apply: 

Top tips for filling in the application form:

  • Research the employer offering the job. Find out what they do and what the job involves.
  • Show the employer you understand their business by referring to them in your application, for example: "I am interested in developing skills in building maintenance and noticed you were successful in winning a large contract to maintain houses for a large housing association."
  • Always read the job description for the job you are applying for before you start to complete the application form to make sure the information you include is relevant to the job.
  • If you would like support completing your application form, please email theknowsleyapprentice@knowsley.gov.uk with the subject heading 'Application Support’.
  • Before you start filling in your form, always check the instructions for filling in the application form.
  • Make sure you take your time. Don’t rush as you may make mistakes!
  • Prepare a draft of the application form before transferring the information to the actual form. If you’re filling it in by hand, make sure you don’t make mistakes on the original form for the employer.
  • Make sure any writing is neat and easy to read, and check your spelling.
  • Answer all questions and fill in all the boxes/spaces.
  • If there are gaps in your employment history, say what you were doing during that time. If you've have never had a job, you could include examples such as voluntary work, or involvement with outside clubs or organisations.
  • Make sure you sell your skills; this could also include things you have developed outside work such as interests and hobbies. This is an opportunity for you to promote yourself to the employer and is your opportunity to explain to the employer why they should employ you!
  • Before you send off your application form, take a copy of your form, so you have this to look over if you get an interview.
  • Ask a friend or relative to check your application form before you send it.