Car and bicycle parking

Public car parks are located in Prescot, Kirkby and Huyton town centres.  Bicycle parking is also available at many shops, town centres, train stations and public buildings in Knowsley. 

Car parks and charges

There are two types of car parks in Knowsley:

  • Short-stay car parks for parking up to three hours (no return within 1 hour) except Kirkby Market car park, where maximum stay remains 1 hour.
  • Long-stay car parks for parking up to 9 hours.

There are no charges to park in Knowsley Council car parks however there are regulations which are clearly displayed in each car park. If you park for too long or park where you shouldn’t (including parking in a disabled bay without a valid badge or parking outside market bays), you risk receiving a Penalty Charge Notice of £50 or £70, reduced to £25 and £35 if paid within 14 days.

The levels of penalty charges are set nationally. Take a look at the Guide to Parking Enforcement to find out more.

Council car park locations


  • Lathom Road multi-storey car park (short stay: levels 1 and 2, long stay: levels 3 – 7) See disability access information
  • Archway Road (short stay)
  • Huyton Hey (long stay)
  • Red, Green and Brown Zone (long stay – also available as short stay at weekends)

Huyton town centre parking map (PDF)

Car parks open to the public but privately-owned are also available at:

  • Club 3000 Bingo, Ellison Grove (charge)
  • Cavendish Walk underground, Lathom Road (charge)
  • ASDA Supermarket, Huyton Lane (no charge, maximum 3 hours)


  • Kirkby multi-storey car park, Norwich Way (short stay: levels 1 – 2, long stay: levels 3 – 8) See disability access information
  • Kirkby Town Centre (short stay )
  • Kirkby Market (short stay, maximum 1 hour)
  • Kirkby Centre (short stay)
  • Cherryfield Drive (short and long stay areas – please see local signage)
  • St Chads Drive (long stay)
  • Telegraph Way – off Hall Lane (long stay)

Car parks open to the public but privately-owned are also available at:

  • B & M Store car park (short stay, 90 mins)
  • McDonalds (short stay, 90 mins)

Parking map of Kirkby town centre (click to enlarge)


Kirkby town centre parking map (PDF)


  • Mill Street (short stay)
  • Prescot Shopping Centre (short and long stay available)
  • Cyprus Street (short and long stay available)
  • Moss Street (short and long stay available)

Car parks open to the public but privately-owned are also available at:

  • Cables Shopping Park (no charge)
  • Deanes House (charge)
  • Chatwin’s (formerly Ray’s) Bakery (charge)
  • McDonalds (short stay, 90 mins)

Prescot town centre parking map (PDF)

Disabled parking

Disabled spaces are clearly marked. Blue badge holders are allowed one additional hour in addition to the standard maximum parking times.

Cycle park locations

Parking for standard bicycles is available at:

  • Cronton: The Shopping Parade and Parish Council
  • Halewood: Halewood Leisure Centre, Halewood Library, Halewood Primary Care Centre, Halewood Train Station, Halewood Environment Centre, New Hutte Neighbourhood Centre
  • Huyton: Opposite the War Memorial, Huyton Train Station, King George V Sports Complex, Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, Huyton Library, Huyton Municipal Buildings, Huyton Shopping Centre, Bluebell Lane Medical Practice, Aldi / Starbucks / KFC / Shell Coppice Lane, Tesco PFS Cronton Road, KMBC Stretton Way, Asda Super Centre, Huyton Primary Care Centre, Hillside Road Shopping Parade, Acacia Avenue Shopping Parade, Knowsley Community College, Dinas Lane Medical Centre, Court Hey Park, Roby Train Station
  • Kirkby: Admin Road / South Boundary Road, Kirkby Town Centre, Kirkby Library, Kirkby Train Station, Bewley Drive Shopping Parade, Broad Lane Shopping Parade, Copple House Lane Shopping Parade, Glovers Brow Shopping Parade, Old Rough Lane Shopping Parade, Park Brow Drive Shopping Parade, James Holt Avenue Shopping Parade, Kennelwood Avenue Shopping Parade, Loweswater Way Shopping Parade, Old Farm Road Shopping Parade, Richard Hesketh Drive, Centre 63
  • Knowsley Village: Knowsley Village Hall, Sugar Lane Shopping Parade
  • Page Moss: North Huyton Primary Care Resource Centre (Page Moss), River Alt Resource Centre
  • Prescot: Cables Retail Park, Prescot Shopping Centre, Prescot Town Centre Eccleston Street, Prescot Town Hall, Shakespeare North Playhouse, Prescot Train Station, Prescot Soccer Centre, Prescot Parkway at Home Bargains
  • Stockbridge Village: Stockbridge Village Library and Shopping Centre, Primary Care Resource Centre (Stockbridge), Leisure Centre
  • Tarbock: Parish Council Building
  • Whiston: Whiston Hospital, Warrington Road Shopping Parade, Whiston Town Council and Community Centre, Whiston Primary Care Centre and Pharmacy, Whiston Train Station, Milton Avenue Shopping Parade, Whiston Village (Greenes Road)

Getting around in Knowsley

If you want to know more about cycling in Knowsley, as well as walking and public transport in Knowsley - please visit our area dedicated to providing travel information - Getting Around in Knowsley.

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