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How to report a problem and who to contact with complaints about a council service.

Your views are important to us. It is an opportunity to identify and address any problems, learn from our mistakes and good practice, and continue to improve what we do.

Report a problem

If you are contacting us about a problem for the first time, the quickest way to get your issue resolved is to report it online. Alternatively, you can contact customer services via online chat (click the green ‘chat with us’ button at the bottom right of the screen), or call us on the relevant number, see key service contact numbers  
Our top ‘report it’ issues are

Making a complaint, comment, or compliment

To make a complaint, submit a comment or send us a compliment, please use our Have Your Say online form. Alternatively, you can write to our Customer Liaison Team, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Archway Road, Huyton L36 9UX.

Make a complaint

If you have not already reported your issue to the service we may treat it as a first time service request, for example a missed bin collection.
Our Have Your Say complaint policy includes

  • Council service complaints
  • Adult Social Care complaints
  • Childrens Social Care complaints

For more information, please view our policy and procedures.
Submit your complaint online via the link below. If you have supporting documents, you can upload them at the bottom of the form.

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If your complaint relates to Children or Adult Social Care Services, you can also telephone 0151 443 3231.

What can't be considered under the complaint procedure

The complaint procedure does not include issues where there is a right of appeal, such as refusal of planning permission, a damage or injury claim, issue of a penalty charge or fixed penalty notice and blue badge, housing benefit or council tax reduction appeals. However, the complaint may be considered if it relates to the way the matter has been administered. 

Submit a comment  

We welcome comments and appreciate any suggestions to improve our services. 

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Send us a compliment  

We would like to hear from you when you have received a good service. We will pass your feedback on to the team or person involved.

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View the Have Your Say Annual Report.

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