£150 Energy Bill Rebate

Energy Bill Rebates

If you live in a property in Council Tax bands A to D, you should now have received your £150 Council Tax (Energy Bill) Rebate.

Knowsley Council has now paid 65,671 Council Tax (Energy Bill) Rebates of £150 to eligible properties in Council Tax bands A to D. The payments made by the Council have totalled £9,850,650. The scheme closed on 30/11/2022, in accordance with Government instructions, and further payments cannot now be made.
The council has also received funding of £497,550 from the Government to use for an additional discretionary fund. It should be noted that these funds also had to be spent by 30/11/2022, as any surplus funds not spent by this date had to be returned to the Government. Knowsley Council has allocated some additional funding to top-up this discretionary fund.
As the council has limited funds to award under this particular discretionary scheme, it is recognised that, unfortunately, additional support cannot be provided to everyone. In determining how to use this funding to provide benefit to the most residents, the council has reviewed the funding and support that has been provided nationally and locally to households, in order to identify which groups require support.
In accordance with a review of data held, the council has sought to identify the most vulnerable groups, who had not previously received additional funds. The funding has been used to target support to some of those suffering financial hardship as a result of the increased cost of living. The funds have been used to provide 10,263 awards of £50 to residents where the household was in receipt of the Council Tax Reduction (CTR), which was applicable to a working age or vulnerable category, on 25 November 2022. These £50 awards have been credited to the Council Tax accounts of the eligible households in the borough.

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