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Knowsley’s Deal with the Social SectorKnowlsey Better Together logo

As part of Knowsley Better Together, the council has allocated £1 million.  This funding has been allocated as follows:-

  • £300,000 allocated for local groups to work with Councillors to deliver environment improvements in their area – this is called the Environmental Challenge Fund.  To access this funding, please speak to your local Councillor – their details are available on the council’s website.
  • £700,000 allocated for community groups to work with the council to support four council priorities over the next three years. The priorities are sustainable borough (jobs/growth/housing), providing high quality and sustainable adult social care (dementia/independence/reducing isolation), maximising the council’s contribution to education in Knowsley (attendance/attainment/aspiration) and maximising the council’s contribution to the health and wellbeing of Knowsley residents (domestic abuse/mental health/obesity).  

A key part of the “Deal” will be providing access to funding for our Social Sector partners, including KCVS. You can read a full copy of the council’s deal with the social sector here.

Live Well Directory

The Live Well Directory is a very useful resource to identifying what Social Sector services are available in our communities. You can search by organisation, type of service, by location and geographical proximity to help you find what you are looking for. 


A number of frequently asked questions have been received from our Social Sector partners in relation to issues such as Social Value and how we operate our Procurement processes. The items below explain those queries most often raised.

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