School budget central management

Ever questioned why your school receives the budget it does? What affects your schools budget and is there anything you can do to shape the future funding of your school?

The School Budget Central Management SLA provides a variety of services that can assist you in answering these and many more questions, from operational queries relating to budget allocations and charges on school accounts to more strategic areas around potential staffing reviews and 3 year budget plans.

The service also puts the challenge back to schools to encourage schools to remain in a strong financial position.

What we offer

  • Information regarding school budget, Pupil Premium and Devolved Formula Capital allocations;
  • Local Funding formula changes, for instance Nursery Funding;
  • Advice on various policies, such as the Scheme for Financing Schools;
  • Support for schools in financial difficulty and for those schools undertaking whole school staffing reviews;
  • Advice and co-ordination of the Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) annual returns;
  • Support for newly opened schools and supporting the governing body and staff  of closing schools;
  • Financial training for Head-teachers, Governors, School Business Managers and Administrators.
  • Financial advice and support to School Business Managers and Administrators through their network meetings (upon invitation).


Package 1

  • Information regarding School budget allocations, including Devolved Formula Capital
  • Local funding formula revisions, e.g. nursery funding
  • Information on the following policies – Scheme for Financing Schools, Model Financial Procedures for Schools and Local Chequebook procedures
  • Advice on Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) annual returns
  • Financial training courses held at venues throughout the borough
  • The service compliments the School Business Information Support SLA
  • Access to advice, is available between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday. 

Package 2

Licensed Deficit

We will support schools in Licensed Deficit and those undertaking whole school staffing reviews that lead to an agreed licensed deficit. During 2012’13 up to six days work will be provided free of charge (funded through Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).Should any school require work beyond the six days, this will be met by the individual school/centre at a charge of £300 per day.


Supporting newly opening schools in providing budget estimates, including support for the first financial year following opening (in conjunction with the School Business Information Support Team). Assisting closing schools Governing bodies on the process of closure, under the closing school protocol. Transformational work as defined by the Schools Forum will be funded by the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG).


Ad hoc services will be charged at £300 per day and will be discussed and scoped out with the client.

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  • 'Fast paced and relevant content'
  • 'Best course I have attended so far'
  • 'Good basic grounding'
  • 'Nicely explained and questions clarified'
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