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We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service for schools and young people. We offer a wide range of music services designed to inspire and engage pupils.  Working with regional and national partners we provide exciting opportunities for young people which includes working with top musicians and orchestras. The service is a member of the Federation of Music Services and is a lead partner within Merseyside for the national ‘Sing Up’ programme. Our extended partners include the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Yamaha and the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

What we offer

  • Instrumental and Vocal Tuition delivered by specialist teachers, including brass, woodwind and string instruments, piano, keyboard, drum kit, recorder, steel pan and Samba
  • Wider Opportunities programme for whole classes/ year groups
  • National Curriculum Specialist Music Delivery across all key stages
  • Music Inclusion Work for Special Schools where pupils are encouraged to participate in practical music making appropriate to their individual needs
  • Innovative projects and activities for schools
  • High quality out of hour’s activities for young people – including bands, orchestras, choirs, music theatre groups and world music.
  • Access to a comprehensive instrument resource
  • Access to up to date e-learning facilities and resources
  • Bespoke INSET and training


List the main features of your Service Level Agreement in ten bullet points or less.  Each bullet point should be one sentence in length.  If you provide multiple SLAs, or different tiers of service, list these as additional packages.

Option 1: Instrumental and vocal tuition

  • High quality instrumental and vocal tuition delivered by specialist teachers. Instruments offered include all brass, woodwind and string Instruments with the addition of drum kit, piano, keyboard, recorder, steel pan and samba
  • Lessons are delivered weekly over the academic year and are assessed and planned in accordance with National Curriculum targets
  • Schools must book in for a minimum of one hour per specialism; however the service is able to work closely with schools to ensure teaching is tailored to their individual needs.

Option 2: Wider Opportunities

  • Delivered to a whole class/ year group during the school day, the programme is targeted at year 4 and year 5 classes
  • Specialisms offered include; recorder, flute, clarinet, cornet, tenor horn, trombone, guitar, violin, cello, mini bass, keyboard, steel pan and samba.
  • All programmes have been written to include general musician skills and standardised to ensure continuity of provision
  • All specialisms are delivered weekly for 31 weeks over the academic year with resources left for school teachers to deliver between sessions
  • Full resources and instruments are provided along with school access to the Knowsley online music resource package
  • Pupils are assessed against national curriculum levels and individual schools are provided with this data at the end of each year.

Option 3: National Curriculum Specialist Music Delivery

  • High quality delivery of the Music National Curriculum across all key stages
  • Delivered by qualified teachers who will work with schools to ensure that the work links directly to the school schemes of work and music policy
  • Taught directly to the class or through team teaching with school staff so that continuous professional development can take place
  • All work is planned and assessed in line with National curriculum targets
  • Must be booked for the full academic year and minimum duration is one half day per week.

Option 4: Music Inclusion work for Special Schools

  • Music making opportunities for special school pupils
  • The sessions create an environment where pupils are encouraged to participate in practical music making appropriate to their individual needs
  • Delivery is weekly for a minimum of half a day per week.

Option 5: ‘Get Set Go!’/ ‘Moving on Up’

  • Get Set Go!’  is a 16 weeks programme delivered to KS1 pupils who will be continuing onto wider opportunities or instrumental tuition in KS2.
  • The course runs from February half term to the end of the summer term
  • Sessions are delivered weekly for 45 minutes each and will focus on practical singing and general musicianship.
  • Lessons are practical and hands on with extension activities left in schools for use between sessions
  • Delivered to a whole class and will usually include the class teacher
  • ‘Moving on Up’ is a 16 week programme delivered to KS2 pupils who have undertaken wider opportunities but wish to continue
  • Weekly 45 minute lessons are delivered by high quality specialist staff and instruments are provided
  • The work will directly follow on from activities used in our successful wider opportunities programmes and will be an excellent platform for pupils to develop their musical skills further. This can be delivered to either a whole class or small group. If whole class a member of staff from the school would be expected to be present.


  • All tuition offered by the service will be eligible for free instrumental loan (where stock allows).
  • All lessons are delivered to the highest standard with clear assessment objectives at each stage against which staff plan and evaluate. Monitoring takes pace each half term and data is submitted twice a year.
  • Individual pupil reports are written annually and parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress at parent’s evenings
  • We offer access to the full range of examinations from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM), London College of Music (LCM) and Rock School.
  • All Knowsley primary schools are offered free access to our online music resource site. A small charge is applicable for access to our secondary resources and access for non Knowsley schools.
  • The service offers free ensembles and choirs for pupils of all standards and ages. These take place out of school hours.

What our customers say

“We have worked with Knowsley Music and Performing Arts Service for over 15 years and in that time the service has provided outstanding support for the development of our music provision and performing arts.

“Performance of the highest quality is at the heart of every musical activity provided by the service, whether it be singing, violins, keyboard, trumpet, samba or steel pans and all pupils have been given the opportunity to experiment with instrument, voices and to experience making music with others

“Pupils have been taught to skilfully integrate composing, performing, listening and appraising in a way that helps them to develop their musical understanding. In particular the singing sessions and instrumental work through “Wider Opportunities” have had a positive impact over the years on pupils’ progress in their learning, social development, self esteem and enjoyment.

“In our Ofsted Music subject survey inspection in 2010, the music curriculum, provision and leadership were judged to be “Outstanding”. The report stated that the standard of provision and opportunities provided met the needs of all pupils and enabled them to make good progress. This could not have been achieved without the support and quality provision of the Knowsley Music Service

“The school has a Thematic Curriculum and the high standard of enjoyable opportunities provided by the Knowsley Music and Performing Arts service are linked to themes at every opportunity as music at Blacklow Brow permeates many aspects of school life.

Sheila Walmsley, Head Teacher, Blacklow Brow Primary

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