Knowsley Business Park Energy Project

Knowsley Council is considering creating a Knowsley Energy Services Company (Knowsley ESC) that could deliver a range of energy services to businesses on Knowsley Business Park.  

The purpose of the Knowsley ESC would be to provide a cost competitive, low carbon and reliable supply of heat and power to businesses from 2020.  This would be generated locally on KBP through:
  1. A centralised energy centre providing heat through a district heating network (DHN); and
  2. Solar photo-voltaic panels located on suitable business roofs.

This approach offers great potential to be more efficient than existing arrangements.

The Knowsley ESC will drive economic growth on KBP and so support employment and skills. Other local authorities in the country are involved in similar projects: Gateshead District Energy Scheme; Coventry District Energy Scheme; Bunhill Heat Network.

The Knowsley ESC is based on the Council’s long-term interest in Knowsley Business Park (25 years plus) and its ability to access regional and central government funding.  The Council is not focused on maximising profit from the project but instead sees its value in supporting the sustainability of Knowsley Business Park, which in turn will bring much needed economic growth and social value to Knowsley.

To inform the Council’s business case preparation, we will be contacting businesses for information on a confidential basis.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here. 

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