Food premises inspections

Knowsley Council has a statutory duty to enforce food safety legislation. 

The law says we can inspect most food premises without making an appointment or giving advance notice. 

During an inspection officers will consider: 

  • Whether your premises comply with the structural requirements of food safety law e.g., cleanliness, adequacy of facilities, maintenance, and pest control arrangements. Food handling practices 
  • The management of food safety risks.  

Officers have the right to inspect and take copies of documents, take photographs, take samples and swabs for analysis, and to carry out other investigations. Officers have the right to speak to staff members and to request information.  

Following an inspection, we will confirm the findings of the inspection in writing. If your business is included in the national Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, you will be provided with a sticker showing your food hygiene rating score.  

What action can we take? 

Following an inspection, we may take action to protect the public. This means we may: 

  • write you a letter outlining issues with compliance and ask you to correct them 
  • serve a formal legal notice that sets out things you must do by a certain date 
  • prevent you from using certain processes, your premises or equipment if the inspector determines that your business is posing an imminent risk to health 
  • recommend a prosecution in serious cases 
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