Community Asset Transfers

The transfer of a community asset is about giving local people and organisations greater control over the future of their area and community.  This recognises the potential benefit that transfers of assets can bring to the community, to the organisation receiving an asset transfer and to the council.

Changing the management of an asset can potentially extend the use of a building or piece of land therefore increasing its social value in relation to the people that benefit and the range of activities it offers.  It may offer additional opportunities to secure resources and attract investment within an area, and empower local residents and communities by raising aspirations and sense of belonging.  In this way the local economy, environment, and third sector (comprising the community, voluntary and social enterprises) can be strengthened.
Where the council identifies that an asset has the potential for a community asset transfer, there is guidance to ensure a transparent and consistent way for the asset transfer to be considered, evaluated, and successful in the longer term.

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