How to find your latest driver application or see what checks are needed

Enter your National Insurance number to find your driver application reference
This will produce the driver references for your applications and licences. Make a note of the highest two digit reference (i.e. 22/ as this will be the latest application) and click on the link below:
Enter your driver application reference to see what is required to start or complete your application
Enter the full reference (i.e. 22/00001/PD3YR) and this will show your check status for DBS/ Medical/ DVLA/ ESA etc.
If the status     = S then that check is satisfactory
                        = T then it is acceptable for a limited time
                        = U then it is unsatisfactory and requires action
                        = N then we have not received that item
Having received Central Government Statutory Guidance, this council has adopted a “Fit and Proper Person Policy” for all drivers, operators and non-driver vehicle licensees and applicants. If the council is “not sure” after making its’ enquiries that an applicant is “fit and proper” then an application must by law be refused.

Applicants are advised to ensure that they do not fall foul of the terms of the guidance before applying for a licence or incurring any expense. Download the full adopted council policy.

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