Apply to transfer the ownership of a Hackney Carriage vehicle and licence

If you would like to apply to transfer the ownership of a Hackney Carriage vehicle and licence, please complete the vehicle transfer online form below.
When completing this form, you must upload:

  • The V5C Vehicle Registration Document (pages 1 and 2). If the V5C is not yet in the new owner(s) name then upload the new green keeper slip or bill of sale.
  • Valid appropriate Public Hire and Reward Insurance for the vehicle.
  • Signed letter from the previous owner(s) authorising consent to transfer ownership.

You will also need to pay the required fee by card.

Complete the online form


Providing further documents after submitting your application

If you need to provide further evidence in support of your application, please submit using the Upload Evidence Facility

Receiving your new licence and plates
Once the application including all required documents is processed, a new licence document will be issued as a pdf via email. Your declared radio circuit or private hire operator, if they accept via email, will also receive a copy of the licence. The email will contain instructions for collecting your plates.

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