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If a child under compulsory school leaving age performs in either:

If a child under compulsory school leaving age performs in either:

  • Theatre where a charge is made
  • Modelling and sport where the child or any other person is paid a wage
  • In licensed premises

A child performance licence must be obtained.

The local authority has a statutory responsibility to issue a child performance licence for children who live in their area, approve chaperones (matrons) and has the responsibility to inspect any premises in their local authority area where children are or may be performing. The local authority requires a child to be licensed if absence from school is required for any performance.

Exemptions are in place, for example:

  • If the child has not performed in the previous 6 months
  • Is performing under 4 days
  • There is no absence from school
  • No payment is being made to the child except expenses
  • The performance is under arrangements made by an educational school or body of persons application

The licence applicant is also the licence holder. This person is legally responsible for the child and ensuring that all relevant parts of the acts and regulations are followed.


We may refuse to issue a licence if the performance is believed to be detrimental to the health, care or education of the child.  They may acquire additional information from the applicant before a licence is issued and in some cases may include certain provisos or refuse a licence altogether. They may also revoke licences which are currently running if there are concerns about the welfare of the particular child named in the application.

Performance licences

The school attendance service is responsible for issuing licences for children performing in entertainment, including film and television, theatre, modelling and sports.

The person responsible for applying for the licence should be the person responsible for the performance, usually the producer. The form must be completed and signed by the parents and accompanied by a passport style photograph, copy birth certificate and medical certificate or declaration if required.

We must be satisfied with the arrangements made for the supervision and protection of the child, and that disruption to the child’s education is kept to a minimum.

The following key issues are covered by the regulations:

  • Is the child or young person below minimum school leaving age?
  • Do they reside in the Knowsley Council area?
  • Is there a charge made for admission?
  • Is it within licensed premises?
  • Is the child/young person fit to take part?
  • Education; consultation with Headteacher if in school time
  • Is the activity safe?

No licence is required in some particular circumstances to confirm whether a licence is required please contact the service.  However, even though a licence is not required there is a requirement for you to comply with the regulations of a licensed performance.


Chaperones and matrons

It is a legal requirement that school-age children, who are taking part in a public performance, will need to be accompanied by a registered matron or parent.

Regular inspections are undertaken by Knowsley School Attendance Service without prior notice, at venues where children are performing. The purpose of the inspection is to establish that the children in the care of the matron are being properly cared for and supervised.

Matrons must keep their registration certificate in a safe place. They must have their certificate with them each day that they are employed as a Matron, and have it available for inspection.

Please see attachments to apply to become a matron or chaperone. To apply to us for a chaperone licence you must reside in Knowsley.


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