Acupuncture, tattooing, semi-permanent skin-colouring, cosmetic piercing and electrolysis registration

Who To Contact

Environmental Health
Knowsley Council
Huyton Municipal - Second Floor
Archway Road
L36 9UX

Telephone: 0151 443 4712

Email:[email protected]

You must be registered with the council if you wish to carry out tattooing, acupuncture, electrolysis, cosmetic piercing or semi-permanent skin colouring in Knowsley.

The law requires that both the premises in which these activities are carried out and the practitioners who carry out these activities must be registered with the council.

If you move premises you will need to re-register the business. It is not possible to work on a mobile basis. In general, these treatments must only be carried out from registered premises.

You must comply with byelaws to ensure that the treatments are carried out hygienically.

It is a criminal offence to carry out these treatments without being registered with the council or to breach the byelaws.


The licence fees for 2023-2024 are:

  • Premises registration plus one person: £127
  • Further personal registration: £80.

How to apply

Please download, complete and return the application form with the correct fee.



Environmental Health,
Knowsley Council
Huyton Municipal - Second Floor
Archway Road
L36 9UX
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0151 443 4712.

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