Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licences

Who To Contact

Licensing Section
2nd Floor, Yorkon Building
Archway Road
L36 9FB

Telephone: 0151443 2300

We can legally only issue licences for Hackney Carriages (taxis) and Private Hire vehicles if we are completely satisfied that the vehicle in question is comfortable, safe in design and adequately insured.

These legal requirements are set to ensure high standards of safety for the general public of Knowsley and surrounding districts.

Before a new vehicle is licensed it must pass a Compliance Test at the council's appointed garage, who will issue a certificate of compliance. The test always includes all current DVSA vehicle test items plus some additional licensing “compliance” requirements.

Renewal Licence Applications can be booked 28 days before the expiry of the current licence and, if the vehicle passes and the compliance certificate is submitted to the One Stop Shop before expiry then the “renewal” licence will run from the expiry of the old licence.

To book a vehicle in for test you can ring the Contact Centre on 0151 443 2300 or alternatively can attend the Huyton One Stop Shop Licensing Desk, Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley L36 9FB, Monday to Friday between 9am and 2.15pm.

If a Hackney Vehicle (Taxi) licence is not renewed before expiry then the licence cannot be renewed without the express permission of a Chairperson’s Hearing process. Any such licence that is not then renewed will be withdrawn from use until the current target of a maximum demand level of 220 hackney carriages has been reached.

Once a vehicle of either type has passed, you only have three working days to licence it. Please note the compliance pass certificate does not exempt from the need to have an ordinary car MOT test. Only the issue of the vehicle licence at the One Stop Shop gives any exemption from the need for a standard vehicle MOT.

You can book a Taxi/ Private Hire Vehicle Compliance test through Knowsley Council Online Services - please note if you are booking your first Taxi/ Private Hire Vehicle Compliance test with us, you will need to phone us first. We will then register you and provide you with a username and password to make all future Compliance Test bookings online.

Only a named proprietor or part proprietor can apply for and receive a vehicle licence. Should any proprietor wish to have an authorised agent to act on their behalf then an authorised agent authority form must first lodged with the council.

Once a licence has been granted, you cannot surrender the licence and reclaim any part of that licence fee. If, however, you are upgrading or replacing your vehicle and months remain on the old vehicle licence then an allowance may be made against the fee chargeable for full months remaining on completion of the licensing process.

Test Fees:

The current test fees are:
Full Test = £45
Retest = £25
Full Test after abandoned test or appointment not attended  = £45

Licence Fees

Six Month New Hackney Carriage OR Private Hire Vehicle Licence = £160
Six Year New Hackney Carriage OR Private Hire Vehicle Licence = £220
Six Month Renewal Hackney Carriage OR Private Hire Vehicle Licence = £155
One Year Renewal Hackney Carriage OR Private Hire Vehicle Licence  = £210
Transfer of an Existing Vehicle Licence to another = £20

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