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Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, the council has reviewed all of its licensing processes, specifically Street Trading applications as well as renewals. As of 5pm on Thursday 19 March 2020, there will no longer be access to a Licensing Counter Service.

Tacit consent does not apply to new applications or variations of Street Trading Consents. We do however, set certain targets in our policy for determining applications. In light of the current outbreak of Coronavirus, while we will do everything we can to keep to these targets, there will inevitably be significant delays.

If you are wishing to renew a Street Trading Consent, provided a completed renewal application (including any supporting documents) is submitted prior to the expiry of the current consent, all the previous year’s consent fees have been paid up to date, and any necessary inspection has been carried out,  then your consent will be renewed.

Please also see below advice to traders and temporary changes to Authorised Goods in light of COVID-19.

Anyone wishing to sell items from a street stall, vehicle or trailer must obtain a Street Trading Consent from the council.

Food traders must also obtain a food registration licence from Environmental Health.

You do not need a street trading consent licence if you are:

  • Trading as a Pedlar under licence issued by a Police Authority
  • A market trader operating at a licensed market venue
  • A news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

New applications

Please download a Street Trading Consent application form and a copy of the Street Trading Policy.
For street trading consents, 10% of the total yearly fee must be submitted as a deposit, and a Basic Disclosure certificate must be submitted with your application which must be no more than 30 days old. The Basic Disclosure is also a requirement for applicants for Street Trading Assistants.

For more information regarding how to obtain a Basic Disclosure, please visit the Disclosure and Barring Service website.

COVID-19 Advice to Traders

Traders can continue to operate as normal under the present government regulations and guidance.  (This may be subject to change as new advice is received from central government) The Licensing Authority does however insist that when you are trading you adhere to the following guidance issued by the Government and the Council:


Please read both sets of guidance thoroughly, as they may require you to change your current practices, particularly in regard to staff illness, product packaging and handling of cash where possible.

In addition, it was also considered that Street Traders, given their close proximity to residential areas in comparison to larger shops and supermarkets, could be of assistance to the vulnerable in our local communities.

Therefore we have decided that as a temporary measure, and until further notice, should they wish, all consented street traders both mobile and static, will be allowed to sell packaged everyday groceries (such as bread, milk, tinned goods, dried foods such as pasta and rice, and other long life packaged essential food products)

Cigarettes and alcohol remain outside the items that can be sold and checks will continue to ensure that these items are not being sold.

The above will ONLY apply to consented traders who have completed their 2020 renewal.

Renewals during COVID19 Outbreak

If you need to renew your Street Trading Consent, then please do this by email. All existing Street Traders have already been sent their renewal forms in February. Please fill out and return the form, along with copies of the following where applicable:

  • Public Liability Insurance,
  • MOT,
  • Motor Insurance,
  • DBS certificates for the consent holder and all nominated assistants.

Scans or clear photographs of all of these will be accepted at this time. Please return by email to  If you do this in advance of the consent expiry, and the previous years fees have been paid in full, then your consent will be renewed.

Variation Applications

Please download a Street Trading Consent Variation form and a copy of the Street Trading Policy.
If you are an existing Street Trader who wants to vary any of the following aspects of the consent:

  • Adding or removing a street trading assistant to the consent;
  • Additional Streets (mobile consents) or trading locations (static consents);
  • Removing or altering the appearance of a vehicle/stall/trailer attached to the consent;
  • Adding a new vehicle/stall/trailer to the consent; or
  • Changes to the goods to be sold.

A completed application form must be submitted along with the following:

  • Updated assistant details including Identification, Basic Disclosure (DBS)
  • Certificates for any new assistants and returned ID badges (or consent summary) for outgoing assistants;
  • Updated list of streets or trading locations;
  • Photographs of any proposed new/altered vehicle/stall/trailer; and/or
  • List of additional/amended goods to be sold.

Upon receipt of a complete application, we will carry out a vehicle inspection or site visit (where appropriate), and conduct a 14 day consultation and if all is satisfactory, we will grant the application. If not, the application will be referred to a sub-committee for determination.

Current applications subject to consultation:
Application for a new Static Street Trading Consent received 30.06.2020