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What is Overview and Scrutiny?

Overview and Scrutiny (commonly referred to as just “Scrutiny”) is in place for the benefit of the community at large.  It is designed to support and enhance the decision-making process.  Scrutiny involves non-executive elected members reviewing and scrutinising the whole range of the council’s functions and responsibilities including those delivered in partnership with other agencies and organisations.  Scrutiny makes a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of those who live, work and visit the borough of Knowsley by supporting the development of policy, monitoring performance and making important recommendations to support improvement.

How is Scrutiny structured in Knowsley?

Scrutiny in Knowsley consists of one Overview and Scrutiny Board and a Scrutiny Member Panel. The board is responsible for leading the scrutiny function effectively, co-ordinating its activity and making sure it meets its obligations.  The board comprises 10 elected Members including its chair, three Lead Scrutiny and three Deputy Lead Scrutiny Members plus co-opted Members.  The Scrutiny Member Panel consists of a number of non-executive Members who are able to participate in working groups and undertake scrutiny reviews on behalf of the board.

How does Scrutiny work?

Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Board and the Scrutiny Members Panel get together in June to decide their annual Scrutiny workplan.  This consists of a list of important local issues to examine in detail over the coming 12 months. This includes up to nine in-depth scrutiny reviews and six in-meeting scrutiny reviews.

What is an in-depth Scrutiny review?

Where in-depth reviews are identified, working groups are formed to concentrate efforts and focus thinking. The working groups meet on a regular basis to tackle issues head-on and collate their findings and recommendations into a formal report. After they are finalised, formal reports are then taken to Cabinet for endorsement of their recommendations and approval of how they will be progressed.  Working groups are led by the relevant thematic Lead Scrutiny and Deputy Lead Scrutiny Members.

What are ‘in-meeting reviews’?

In-meeting reviews are carried out by the Overview and Scrutiny Board as part of their standard business meetings. They provide an opportunity for members of the board to contribute to consultations and influence decisions prior to their consideration by the cabinet/ council.  In-meeting reviews are divided by theme in line with the remit of the board.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested and would like to get more involved or make suggestions for future issues to be considered by Scrutiny, please write to us at the address on the right of this page.