Children’s centres consultation

Knowsley’s children’s centres, and the services and support they deliver, is a valued resource for our communities. Last year, the council staff employed to deliver services in our children’s centres supported more than 7,000 children (under five) and their families across the borough - contributing valuable support, care and advice.

It is an important service and one that the council wants to protect. In light of the on-going funding cuts from central Government, the council has had to look at how the service is delivered across the borough to ensure it can operate within the budget available, whilst maintaining the most valued services and support.

In December 2016, the council carried out a consultation to find out - from the people using the service - what support and facilities they most valued. Using the findings from this, a new improved offer for families, which now includes targeted work with families in their own homes, was launched in October last year. This means that the services the community told us they needed and valued are being delivered, and that will continue.

When so many other local authorities are struggling to maintain their children’s centre service at all, continuing to deliver Knowsley’s services is a prirority for the council.

The next step in the process of making the necessary savings whilst maintaining the same standard of service delivery is to look at how and where these valued services should be delivered. We are reviewing the physical buildings and locations used across the borough, many of which are under-used and expensive to run and potentially looking at re-locating some services so they are more conveniently situated for families.

To do this, we want your views again to ensure we can shape a service that meets the needs of our young children and their families.

Please spare a few moments of your time to answer the questions below by Wednesday, 21 March 2018.

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