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Applying for a reception place in primary school or transferring from primary to secondary school - September 2018

Notice for parents/carers that have already received a copy of the 2018 secondary education admissions booklet

Please note the following amendments:

  • Page 23: All Saints Catholic High School the booklet wrongly states that the school is becoming a sponsored academy. This is not the case. There are no plans for the school to become an academy
  • Page 21: the Headteacher for Lord Derby Academy should read Miss V Gowan.

Applications for a school place in September 2018

The online service for primary, junior and secondary school places for September 2018 has now closed.  If you have not applied for your school place and wish to do so please contact Knowsley School Admissions on 0151 443 3372/5142/3558.  You will be asked to submit a paper application, copies of which are available on this webpage or the team can post one out to you.  Please do not hesitate to contact School Admissions if you need any advice or guidance regarding your application or alternatively email the team

Admission Booklets - Information for Parents

Supplementary forms for Church of England Primary Schools 

Some Knowsley Church of England primary schools have a supplementary form that you may need to complete if you wish your application to be considered under certain criteria of the admission policy.  These forms are available below for parents/carers to download and complete.  Any supplementary form completed must be in addition to the relevant home local authority application form.  Please refer to the 2018/19 Primary Admissions Booklet for more information.

If you are resident in another authority area and are naming a Knowsley Catholic primary school or a Knowsley Secondary school as a preference, your home authority application form may not request all the relevant faith information required by Knowsley schools to apply their policies. Please print off the primary or secondary supplementary form, complete and return directly to the Knowsley Catholic primary/secondary school you are applying for.

Applying for a school place during the school year 2017 to July 2018 (In Year)

Admissions Booklets - Information for Parents Booklets (In Year applications)


Primary In Year (Reception - Year 6)

An in year admission is when you request a transfer to another school part-way through the academic year.

To apply for a primary school transfer, please read the primary in year admissions information leaflet to help you through the process.  The application form should be completed and returned directly to the primary school you are applying to.  The school will then write to you to confirm if a place can be offered.

Secondary In Year (Year 7 - Year 11)

To apply for a Knowsley secondary school, please read the secondary in year admissions information leaflet, complete and return to Knowsley school admissions at the address on the back of the application. Knowsley school admissions can only process applications for a Knowsley secondary school.  To apply for a school outside of the borough, please contact the relevant local authority.

Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

The Local Authority has a Fair Access Protocol the main purpose of which is to ensure that schools admit their fair share of children with challenging behaviour. For such applicants, schools may be required to admit above their Pupil Admission Number (PAN) or if the Fair Access Panel agrees; it is also possible that a school with available places may refuse admission.

All schools must participate in their local authority’s protocol. Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

Nursery class admissions

Children can normally join school nursery classes the term after their third birthday. If you wish to apply for a part-time nursery place in a Knowsley primary school, please contact the individual school directly for more information or download the documents below:

For further information regarding education and childcare places for pre-school aged children please contact Knowsley Early Years and Childcare Information Service telephone: 0800 085 2022 (option 1) / (0151) 443 5635 or visit (add link to early years)

Apply for a sixth form place

If you wish to apply for a sixth form place at Knowsley Community College please contact them directly on 0151 477 5850.

Home Education

You may decide to education your child at home instead of sending them to school.  You, as the parent or carer, would be responsible for providing a full-time education, suitable to the child’s age, ability and any special education needs.  For more information please telephone: (0151) 443 5139.

Admission Arrangements for September 2018

A consultation for the admission arrangements for the September 2019 will start in October, at this time consultation documents will be added to this webpage.

Who to Contact

Write to or make an appointment to visit:

Knowsley Council
School Admissions
Education Improvement Team
PO Box 21
Municipal Buildings
Archway Road
L36 9YU

Telephone Contacts:
Secondary & Primary school admissions – (0151) 443 5142/5143
In Year Admissions – (0151) 443 3372/3558