About our children

Emma and Bens StoryEmma and Ben

Emma is 10, she likes to go swimming and loves watching singing shows especially The Voice.  She would love to be a singer one day.

Ben is 7 and is a very lively little boy, he loves to go to the park and climb on the climbing frame and imagine he’s a super hero.

Emma enjoys school but due to changing schools twice has been struggling to keep up recently. She would really benefit from someone spending time with her and helping her with her homework. She loves her little brother Ben more than anything in the world and hopes that she can stay living with Ben as she says being a big sister means always being there, looking out for Ben and making sure he is ok.

The children have been living with a carer on a short term placement but now that Emma is older it’s time for her to have her own bedroom and not share with her little brother anymore. Emma and Ben spend time with their dad each month, and really enjoy seeing him so adoption wouldn’t be the right path for them.  What they really need is a long term foster carer. Someone who will look after them, provide a bedroom each for them, help with school, play with them and overall, provide a safe and happy home for them to grow up in.  “I’ve got someone to rely on now.  I know that she cares a lot.  Sometimes too much ha ha!!!”

We have children in Knowsley who want to continue living with their brothers and sisters but need long term foster carers.  Being a long term foster carer means providing a permanent loving home and family to a child/ren.

Could you provide a home and help keep brothers and sisters together like Emma and Ben? Download our information pack or register your interest.

Sarah’s Story Sarah

Sarah is 14 and has just been placed with a long term foster carer. 

“I like everything about where I live, just everything!

When I was at home, things were totally different.  I didn't really do anything at all.  I didn't feel like anyone cared, I used to stay up to about 3 at night and didn't really have anyone telling me what to do.  I’ve got someone to rely on now.  I know that she cares a lot.  Sometimes too much ha ha!!!

I didn’t get what she was all about at first, but I know now and I know that everything she does is because she cares. 

I didn’t really have any rules before I moved in with my foster carer and I really love having rules now, its mad.  It feels like I have someone now who cares about things like whether or not I will get in to trouble, or do the right or wrong thing.

I was the Mum then, back at home, I did everything for everyone else, and it’s really nice now because I can think about me, and someone else is thinking about me too.  I find it really hard to get my head around that sometimes.

I've decided now that I want to be a foster carer because foster care has made such a big difference to my life.  I'm happier now, and the good thing about it is that I know my brother and sister are too, because I can see them and really like getting to know their foster carer as well.
I wish sometimes that I was in care 3 years ago.”

In Knowsley we are in need of foster carers who can provide long term placements for older children, a home where they can feel safe and secure and where they can finally relax and enjoy their childhood. 

Could you help foster a child like Sarah? Download our information pack or register your interest .

Daniel's StoryDaniel

Daniel is 13 and has Muscular Dystrophy; he lives with his mum and two twin sisters Holly and Rosie who are 8.  Daniels mum looks after him full time which can be really tiring especially as Daniel is getting older.

Sometimes she just needs a little break. Daniel spends one weekend a month with his short break carers and really enjoys this time.  His carers both work full time and one of them is a Swimming Teacher.  He takes Daniel swimming during the weekends he spends with him and Daniel loves this. 

The break for Daniel means he gets to meet new people and experience new things, he always has lots to share about his weekend with his mum and sisters when he returns home and his mum has been able to spend some time recharging her batteries or spending time alone with his sisters – something she wouldn’t be able to do without the help of Daniels respite carers.

We have families in Knowsley who would really benefit from some Respite care.  Many of our existing Respite carers have jobs and families and provide this care around their existing commitments.  They enjoy supporting families who may not have a break any other way.

Could you help provide a Short Break Placement/Respite  for a child like Daniel? Download our information pack or register your interest.

Jessica’s Story Jessica holding her baby

Jessica was 17 when she found out she was pregnant. She went to stay with one of our foster carers who specialises with parent and child placements. Jessica was taught how to care for her new baby from feeding and changing nappies to how to play and stimulate her.  The specialist placement meant that Jessica learnt the skills she needed to help her become a good parent, something she hadn’t been taught by her own family.  Her carer offered advice and support, and a lot of understanding. Jessica is now ready to be a mum on her own and will soon be moving into her own home with her baby, confident that she will be able to cope. Jessica said “I love being a mum but I didn’t realise how difficult it could be. I’m so glad that I could go and stay with someone who showed me how to look after my baby properly.  She didn’t interfere or take over; she let me learn but was there for me when I really needed her.”

Could you provide this type of specialist placement? Perhaps you have a background in childcare or just have lots of knowledge that you could pass on to a young mother. If so we would love to hear from you.

If you could you help provide a Parent and Child Placement  to a young mum like Jessica we would love to hear from you. Download our information pack or register your interest.

Fostering is about the little things making a big difference.