Knowsley is an outstanding place to do business. It’s a 24/7 location with a proud industrial heritage and home to some of the most successful companies in the UK. Business Support.

The Council does business with many suppliers in delivering its objectives.


Knowsley Council is committed to working with its Social Sector partners to build a more sustainable and resilient community for the benefit of all our residents. 

How to trade at Kirkby Market, located in Kirkby town centre.

Groups such as voluntary agencies, community groups and charities can express an interest in bidding to run particular council services.

Businesses or start-ups in Knowsley can apply for grants and get support from our dedicated investment and liaison team.

If your business activities could be harmful to the environment, or to people’s health, you’ll need an environmental permit to operate.

You can commission a wide range of services from Knowsley Council, including IT support, grounds maintenance and building services.

All businesses should prepare themselves for emergencies and develop business continuity plans.

Knowsley offers a range of business development opportunities , including key industrial parks and high-quality business environments.

The Localism Act 2011, which came into effect on 21 September 2012, creates opportunities for local groups to bid for buildings and land defined as community assets when the owner wishes to sell them. Assets of community value.

The transfer of a community asset is about giving local people and organisations greater control over the future of their area and community.